[Wedding] A rainy Hengest Farm civil partnership in Banstead, Surrey


Um, I honestly don't know where to start. I'm so happy with this set of images - mainly because everywhere I turned something beautiful was going on. Lynne & Dan found me on Rock'n'Roll Bride and something just resonated with me in Lynne's original email. I knew I had to shoot their wedding. This feeling was cemented when I met them after a shoot one day in London and they FORCED me to drink wine with them until my last train.

It chucked it down all day at Hengest Farm in Banstead, Surrey but emotions were high, love was literally everywhere and if happiness was a physical form the rather damp marquee would have been bursting at the rafters. I heard some of the most emotion speeches of my career so far and the love between Lynne and Dan is so apparent. Honestly, if I could do it all again I would. Lynne and Dan - you guys should have an anniversary festival (can I have an invite please? ;))

There's way more images than I usually include in a blog post but found it so hard to whittle it down - but I hope you enjoy looking at every one of them as much as I did editing them, everyone in them are beautiful in every way.

Hear Lynne & Dan's side of the story (with all supplier details) over on their feature on Rock'n'Roll Bride.