As laid back as wedding photography can get.

Where will you be 30 years from now? Think about that place and put yourself there, it’s Sunday and you’re all stuffed from lunch. Your house is full of laughter and you steal a kiss in the kitchen with your spouse. Someone asks you something about your wedding day so you pull the album off the shelf and you all end up leafing through for hours - what makes you laugh? What makes you remember? Maybe it’s the photo where we snuck away as the sun set and the air smelled fresh. Or the image of your mum and your then new mother in law howling with laughter. And what was cousin thinking with those shoes? And there's that boyfriend she had! Maybe it’s the photo of you and your best mate (who now lives in Australia so you don't get to see her much) sharing a hug and few tears before the ceremony.

It’s your wedding day, not my photo shoot. I’m not looking for the next dramatic image for my portfolio. I want to record your memories in honest a way as possible. I want your images to be tangible and for the viewer to feel like they are right there in the photograph. I want you to remember how amazing it was to see all your loved ones united, for that one day, all in one place, sparking meetings and conversations that became so important. I want to capture the seemingly insignificant moments that years later become very significant indeed. And when we sneak off for photos, my aim is for you to simply enjoy those first moments alone as a couple and for you to remember that when you look back at your photos.

I also realise the importance of some group photos, but we work together to make sure this part of the day is as unobtrusive as possible and it's done quickly enough to leave plenty of time for your guests to get on and enjoy the day.

If you have any questions about my approach and style please contact me using the contact form. Also, there are a selection of shots from a lot of recent weddings on the blog which will give you a good feel of what you can expect from my shooting style.